Tips to Stay Organized During Your Move

It is easy to lose your sanity during your move, and if you are not too careful, you might even waste your precious time. If you want to save your time and sanity alike, here are some of the best strategies you have to keep in mind:

Designate a Staging Area

Creating an initial space for sorting and organization can prove to be invaluable down the road. Through this, you will be able to set the goal of packing up a single room at a time with no need to turn out the other parts of your house upside down amidst an ocean of packing tape, half-finished labels, and boxes. The staging area is a great area for keeping the boxes of the first to open, last to go, and essential items when they are not in use.

Never Waste Time

After you have organization systems in place, other aspects of the job could be done once you got the time like the free 20 minutes on your couch while you binge watch Netflix. The fact that you have 10 minutes to spend for debating if you will be packing that kitchen drawer or not is a proof enough you have enough time for doing it.

Let Go of the Junk

Remember that having a new house can be a great chance for you to let go not only of your old apartment or house. Do you really have to take every single thing with you? Your old phones that you have been meaning to sell for the longest time might have to go before you move. Your stuff will never go anywhere until you also do. This means that you might have to toss, donate, or recycle everything that it no longer important and reduce your moving bill significantly.

When clearing your rooms, create some piles based on what you will donate, throw away, and keep. Take note that a successful move is not only about relocating items you like from your old place to your new one. It is also about identifying the ones that should be left behind.

Write Things Down

No one can remember everything, and that includes you. See to it you write things down. Unleash the organizer in you. Create lists and check them twice. This is an important step because without systems or labels, all you will get is a room filled with boxes. Making signs for your new house and putting labels on each box to match the sign will help you save time of going from one room to another while carrying a box filled to the brim.

Keep Stored Stuff Together

Keeping your stored stuff together is the best way to make the transition easier once you start to unpack at your new home. Instead of just emptying out the dresser, you can just remove every drawer then wrap this in shrink wrap. Your clothes inside it will stay intact and organized as well as your sanity. You can also take out the cutlery tray or flatware then wrap it with the rest still inside prior to packing this in the kitchen box.

Keep these tips in mind to stay organized during your move.

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